New Dart Editor build 9822

New version was released. I leave original post.

A new Dart Editor build is available at

Changes include:
Added an extract method refactoring.
Fixed an analysis issue when files changed outside of the context of the Editor.
The step-in command for the command-line debugger can now step into user libraries.
Improved analysis performance during code completion.
Improved the UX of our mark occurrences feature.
We can now display static variables in the debugger.
The ‘library’ node in the debugger changed to a ‘globals’ node – this now displays all reachable globals from the current library.
Various fixes to Find References, the Callers view, code completion, and the Apps view.
As always, view the changelog for the full list of changes, and to get started with the Editor see our tutorial.

Devon Carew

Post wrote by Moisés Belchín


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